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Yes, our lawyers service many Addison clients. Estates, trusts, probate and other issues involving inheritance and property are necessarily complicated. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a potential for disputes or even litigation. You may need an attorney to clarify and protect your rights. brings together a team of highly motivated attorneys. Our process begins with an initial consultation where we learn about you and your needs, the facts of any potential litigation or work task, and then provide some initial legal advice.

Our goals are to protect your rights under Texas law and work fervently to be the best lawyers for you and your needs.

You Have Rights.
We Enforce Them.

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You Have Rights. We Enforce Them.

Daily, our lawyers counsel with and guide executors, trustees, beneficiaries, heirs, surviving spouses and children through the process of estates, trust, wills, and probate under Texas law. We proudly serve Addison, Texas, as probate dispute, trust or estate litigation or what is commonly called a “Addison will contest attorney.”Addison probate attorneys - trust, wills, and estate disputes, contests, and litigation

Our goal for our Addison clients is to identify the legal process under Texas Law that is the best fit for the situation, identify the rights, interests and goals of the client and pass along our decades of experience in trust, estate and probate matters to pursue the client’s objectives as efficiently as possible.


The facts of any situation are unique. So are your personal needs and interests. Then, there is the complexity of the law in Texas. While reading a website and doing Internet research is a good first step, none of this can substitute for a strong, working relationship with a motivated attorney. Is our legal team right for you? The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation. A lawyer will review the facts of your situation against the laws of Texas and then give advice on the best course of action. We offer convenient phone appointments so whether you are in or near Addison, Texas, it’s easy to speak with an attorney.


Addison sits in the sweet spot of the DFW Metroplex and is the perfect center for your next getaway. Stay in one of 22 inviting hotels and take your pick of 180 appetizing restaurants, cafes, gastropubs, and more – all within 4.4 square miles. When you visit Addison, you are never more than a few minutes away from all the attractions, sports, shopping, and airports in Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex, all while enjoying all the charm of a friendly small town.

Before the city became Addison, it was called Peters Colony. The first settlers, Preston Witt and his wife, settled on White Rock Creek in 1846. It wasn’t until 1902 that the town changed its name to honor postmaster Addison Robertson. That same year, the Pistole brothers erected the town’s first cotton gin, on Addison Road, introducing the first industry in the process. The city of Addison was incorporated in 1953, but in 1982 it officially changed its name to the “Town of Addison.” Once considered on the outskirts of Dallas, the northern expansion of DFW has now perfectly positioned Addison in the center of everything DFW has to offer.

Addison may have a relatively small number of residents, but when calculating the number of some of their attractions per capita, the results are astounding. For example, there are more Addison restaurants per capita than in any other city in the country. Some of the best of these are located at the sprawling Village on the Parkway, where the cuisine covers everything from burgers and pizza to sushi and sandwiches. You’ll also find a wide range of national brand retailers and local boutiques.



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