Will Contests under Texas Law: 1190 Talk Radio Interview

What is a will contest under Texas law? Elliott Burdette is interviewed on the topics of wills, estates, and trusts with a focus on the common term "will contest." He explains the role of a good probate, estate, trust, or inheritance dispute lawyer in evaluating the facts of the case and the laws in Texas...

Trusts, Estates, and Probate under Texas Law: 1190 Talk Radio Interview

What is a trust? What is an estate? What is probate under Texas law, and when do you need one or the other. Attorney Elliott Burdette was interviewed on 'Ask the Experts' on 1190 Talk Radio? Attorney Elliott Burdette discussed probate, trusts, and estate issues under Texas law. Got more questions? Reach out for a...

Does My Loved One Need a Guardian?

If you're concerned that your elderly loved one has become careless or reckless with their finances, there is a solution. Elliott Burdette explains what it means to be an "incapacitated person", and how a Guardianship works in those situations. Watch the Video

Wills and Living Trusts: The Pros and Cons

When it comes to preparing for the future, there are many opinions relative to which estate planning strategy is the best. The fact is that the answer is different for every person and for every married couple. Elliott Burdette explains the differences between, as well as the pros and cons, of Wills and Living Trusts. Watch...

How to Protect a Beneficiary’s Rights

Dallas probate attorney, Elliott Burdette, explains how to protect your rights as a beneficiary. Just because you are not named as the executor of an estate, or trustee of a trust, you still have rights that can be protected AND enforced. Listen to Elliott Burdette as he explains different ways an attorney can help look...

Inheritance Disputes

Unfortunately, many people find themselves involved in ugly inheritance disputes when their loved one dies. What someone thought was included in a Will ends up not being that way. Learn what methods are available to challenge a will, and important facts that can make a difference. Watch the Video

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