Will Contests

Regrettably, there are those individuals who will seize upon a person’s temporary weakness, whether emotional or physical, and will seek to unfairly influence a person to make a new Will that reflects the desires of the person hoping for financial gain instead of the true desires of the person making the Will. In addition to sibling fights, multiple marriages, “non-traditional” families and an aging population can lead to outsiders taking advantage of elderly persons. These cases involve many subjective factors and require experienced, skillful attorneys to present your case to your best advantage.

You Have Rights.
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A Will Contest Strategy

It is advantageous to hire a Will contest attorney to file a Will contest very shortly after an alleged Will is filed because of the benefit available from filing your Will contest before the opposed Will is admitted to probate. Although a Will contest can be filed up to two years from the date of the court order admitting a Will to probate, if the contest is filed before the Will is admitted to probate, an advantage may be obtained. When requested to do so, we monitor court filings seeking to have a Will admitted to probate so we can advise our clients of the time lines involved for filing an objection. If the Will was procured by fraud or was a forgery, additional time beyond the two year period may be available to contest a Will.

Forcefully – Strategically – Efficiently Resolving Probate, Trust, and Estate Disputes

We have helped many individuals set aside a Will that was inconsistent with the inheritance plan that was created at a time when there was no question about the decedent’s testamentary capacity to make a Will. Our Dallas based Will contest law team serves individuals and families who have been subjected to stress when a loved one’s wishes and desires have been manipulated or ignored.


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