Estate Disputes

There are many driving forces behind legal disputes among family members within the course of an administration of an estate or trust. After the second parent has died, many adult children feel unbridled to experience their lust for power and control. Unresolved emotional wounds from childhood days can sometimes drive adult behavior. The opportunity to “do battle” with a brother or sister over money in a parent’s estate is often the excuse needed to act out long held resentments, justified or not. A more aggressive family member often seeks to stake out an unreasonable legal position, whether for financial gain or to inflict emotional pain, in hopes that other family members will not stand up for their rights.

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Estate Disputes - are they always caused by greed and avarice?

According to Texas estate law, an executor or administrator is a fiduciary and owes a very important legal obligation to each beneficiary.   Estate disputes often arise when an executor fails to put the other beneficiaries’ interests above those of the executor.  The Texas Estates Code provides wide latitude to independent executors.  However, beneficiaries still have rights under Texas Estate Law.

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Our estate dispute attorneys are fine-tuned to representing both executors, administrators and beneficiaries.  Contact us for an evaluation session to which rights may be available to you. Whether you live in the Dallas / North Texas Area or another part of Texas, if the estate dispute is subject to Texas law, please contact our office. Our attorneys work out of Dallas but are available online and via telephone.


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