DallasProbateAttorneys.com Announces New Information Page on Will Contests in Texas and the Need for Attorney Representation

DallasProbateAttorneys.com Announces New Information Page on Will Contests in Texas and the Need for Attorney Representation

DallasProbateAttorneys.com brings together a team of highly motivated probate, trust, and estate dispute attorneys in Dallas, is proud to announce a new information page on “will contests” under Texas law. Many users search for “Texas will contest attorneys” when confronting a probate, estate, or trust dispute. The new page is a first step towards educating the public.

“Many educated people struggle to understand the complexities of will, estates, and trusts under Texas law,” explained Elliott Burdette, managing director at the service. “This problem becomes even more acute when the person faces what the lay public often calls a ‘will contest.’ They search for a Texas ‘will contest’ lawyer, and our first job is to educate them on the basic issues and then begin to explain how these cases are won. Our new information page is step one in this process.”

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Interested persons can find the new page at https://dallasprobateattorneys.com/practice-areas/will-contests/. The page explains the basics of will contests under Texas law, but is only an introduction. To obtain legal advice, interested persons are urged to click on the “contact” tab and reach out for an attorney consultation. The attorneys are a team of highly motivated and specialized Dallas-based lawyers who can help with an initial consultation, a review of the facts, and an assessment in accordance with Texas law.


Here is background about this release. American society has changed dramatically since the 1960s. In the 1960s, nuclear families were intact; nowadays many families are what are known as “blended families.” The partners may have been divorced, there may be children from first or second marriages, and all of this complicates the distribution of property after the death of a parent. Often, disputes arise around the estate, trust, retirement accounts, or other properties involved. Texas probate, estate, and trust law is complicated and full of traps for the unwary. The dramatic increase in “blended families” is an additional complicating factor.

For this reason, the new group of attorneys at DallasProbateAttorneys.com has announced a series of information pages that are a starting point for one’s self education. For example, there is a page on Texas community property (https://dallasprobateattorneys.com/practice-areas/community-property/), which touches on many of the challenges faced by blended families during a potential estate or inheritance dispute. In all cases, it is highly recommended that the interested party reach out to an attorney for a consultation. Only qualified attorney can assess the facts, assess the law, and give a recommendation on the best course of action.


DallasProbateAttorneys.com brings together a team of driven attorneys in the Dallas Texas area, the members of which have decades of experience and top academic and professional credentials. Individuals looking for an attorney to contest a will in Texas, persons who face complex trust, estate, inheritance or guardianship disputes or even litigation, or perhaps are confronting a potential trust or estate lawsuit and need a team of seasoned probate lawyers, should visit the website. 

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